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Firefox is gone, Chrome is here, who is next?

Can you remember the old days? Life was simple, everything worth something was simple Netscape Navigator. Then Microsoft decided that the web was important and they took over the world and took a nap. Reborn from the ashes of Netscape, Mozilla brought us Firefox. But then, Google decided that the web was too important not to have their own browser, here we are, Chrome is the new leader.

  • Chrome: 50.92%
  • Firefox/Geco: 22.60%
  • Safari: 17.54%
  • Android: 6.12%
  • Opera: 1.64%
  • Internet Explorer, less than 1%...

Chrome is the new leader

Click on the image for a larger version. These are the results of a nearly 100% traffic burst from Hacker News this WE. They are the trend setters as early adopters. They are going to jump on the next Chrome, Firefox, IE, Netscape Navigator when it will come. But here, for the first time I wonder. Who could be the next? Can it be that we reached the goal of the Mozilla Fondation of a competitive field, where several players are taking the lead based on their merits? Could it be that the fragmentation resulting of the different form factors is the reason we will never see again a 80% market share for a single vendor? I hope so!

Loïc d'Anterroches,
Jan 31, 2012

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