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Céondo, custom scientific software development and services for the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and crop science industries. Since 2007, we are really good at converting your models into easy to use software.

Fluid Phase Equilibria calculations

Multiphase, multimodel flash calculations with multiple states (solid, liquid, vapor) and a large number of phases including robust stability analysis. The experience dealing with hard systems both physically and numerically instable.

Fluid Phase Equilibria Flash Results

Custom Software

Custom software to deliver models in an easy to use package for the end users. One click software stack without the need to run an installer, allowing you to iterate/improve it extremely fast with a painless delivery to your endusers within your company. Imagine, wrapping your models and database with a nice and fast GUI allowing your models to be widely used within your company.

Custom Software for your Models

Property Prediction and Regressions

Predicting properties is nice, regressing your own parameter set based on your own set of validated experimental data is better. Even better, getting from your validated experimental data to predicting properties for new molecules based on your new model within 5 minutes.

Property Prediction and Regressions

Cheméo, Search in Experimental Data

Cheméo - Chemical Properties

Cheméo is your best source of experimental data together with property prediction tools. Cheméo can run as pure indexer of your database as both a standalone database and indexer.

Cheméo is available as in-premise solution and soon with a SaaS subscription.

How We Work

How We Work at Céondo

Your experts have domain insights and knowledge of your company operations and core business. We work with them to faster disseminate this expertise to your company engineers. This makes your engineers faster in developing new projects, debottlenecking, ensuring performance of your systems and correctly reporting to the hierarchy.

We can do that because we have both strong chemical engineering knowledge and software development expertise. We create clean, easy to use and robust solution which can be used by the engineers easily. This improves the impact of your experts within your company.

Our Software Stack

To efficiently create software for your company, we need to maintain a high quality software stack and expertise in using it.

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 Professional, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Compilers: Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler XE 15.0, GNU GCC 4.8
  • Numerical Libraries: Intel® Math Kernel Library 11.2, LAPACK 3.5, BLAS 1.2
  • Languages: Fortran 77/90, Python 2/3, VB.net, C#, TypeScript, Javascript, Golang, HTML, CSS.
  • Simulation Software: Extensive expertise in creating UAS for PRO/II 5 to 10.

What You Get

A special summary page for each customer

Trust and transparency in the work is critical. As a customer, you get access to a special page with a current status of the work, the latest packages to download and a detailed worklog. From the logs, you know when and for what we worked, every single day from the beginning of the project. The time tracking information are directly pulled from the software running on our computers, and yes, you will notice that a coffee break is effectively stopping the counter...

Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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