InDefero Free Hosting

Get InDefero hosting for free, with unlimited private projects and more.

Do you want Git and Subversion repositories, fined grained access control, issue tracking, file sharing, documentation wiki, code review, priority support, secure daily backup in 3 different data centers, no vendor lock-in?

I am really happy to announce that the InDefero hosting is now free.

InDefero is a simple software forge easy to use for the coders but also the end users.

With the free offer you get:

  • Unlimited public projects.
  • Unlimited private projects.
  • 250MB storage.
  • Unlimited users.

Read more about InDefero.

Created: Fri 22 May 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

Tags: InDefero
Archives: 2009 / May
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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