Embrace Constraints To Evolve

The reason behind the ECTE blog.

After a week fighting procrastination, our flat is cleaner than ever, but I have produced less than 10 lines of code. Luckily, I came out with more than a happy wife. Two questions were bumping in my head:

  • Why do I procrastinate?
  • How can I get back in the work zone?

As all the creative people will tell you, movement and physical activity, like vacuum cleaning, bring ideas. But who needs ideas when you can easily find thousands of proven methods on how to get back to work? Because I found that in my case, if I do not get to the why I procrastinate, all the methods will be, once again, useless.

Like any scientist, I collected data: all the thoughts I had when not getting things done to look for patterns and commonalities. The main finding may not surprise you, I once again discovered that I am always dreaming to get the best tools and environment for my work. All the deviations from my ideal setup: software, hardware, office, personal life, coffee taste and so on, were the brakes preventing me to go out of my procrastination; they were constraints on my way.

Quick reality check, I will never be able to remove those constraints and bonus point, constraints are the muse of creativity. So the only realistic solution was to accept them and use them as a source of challenge and energy in my work, embrace those constraints and use them to evolve and improve.

Welcome on board the Embrace Constraints To Evolve Blog!

Created: Fri 22 May 2009
Updated: Fri 22 May 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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