Growth of InDefero

The work on InDefero is going well, thanks for a large part to the very …

The work on InDefero is going well, thanks for a large part to the very nice community of people using and improving it. With all my travels, this firs half of the month was not very active in the development but the anyway, the end users are happily using it. As you can see, since January, the growth is going well with now a little more than 5 new forges created each day. This is a regular stable growth, very nice for the infrastructure. The following graph is providing you with all the details of the number of forges created each day and the total number of active forges up to now. The forges which were active and then stopped are not shown in this graph.

Growth of InDefero

The growth of InDefero is very good for Céondo as it is providing a very nice test bed to experiment with new ideas on a group of people using the software on a regular basis. I cannot do that with ConfOrganizer as the users are more "one shot" users, doing most of the important actions only once, like submitting an abstract or paying for the conference. This way I can transpose what I learnt with one software into another.

Change, learn, improve, adapt, evolve, listen, wok hard and having fun with my customers and my family, the daily life for me at Céondo.

Created: Fri 19 June 2009
Updated: Fri 19 June 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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