From 250MB to 100MB free storage with InDefero for a better quality

InDefero is used by many of you, thank you! But as announced already to the …

InDefero is used by many of you, thank you! But as announced already to the people using the hosted offer, I am reducing the free space from 250MB to 100MB on the hosted offer.

The reduction is to improve and keep the level of quality on the long runand allow the development of a paid offer .

Basically, offering too much for free means that the paid offers are going to subsidize the free offer. The end result (which is the problem of all the freemium models) is that the paid offers are kept more expensive than really needed to support the cost of the free offer.

So, this is why I decided to reduce the free offer while keeping it the best on the market as the only one to offer unlimited private projects. The reduced storage will allow me to offer very soon storage upgrade at a very low price tag with respect to what is done on the market and a business pack with even more features.

At the moment, I am surprised by the positive feedback from the users both of the hosted and the download version. When every day people are coming with comments like: "you rock", "really impressive" or "better speed and ping time than my local newspaper website", this is really helping me to go through the short nights and the hard work. Thanks a lot to you, users, and to you, contributors.

Created: Sat 04 July 2009
Updated: Sat 04 July 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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