Correct use of the UAERR subroutine with PRO/II

How to correctly use UAERR in your PRO/II UAS.

If you are developing an UAS with PRO/II, you are most likely trying to report correct messages to your end users in the report using the UAERR call. In the documentation, it is said the length of the message is up to 200 characters, but in practice, I found that the only way to have an output without garbage at the the end is to pass a 250 character string. Here is an example of use:

C Initialization at the top of your subroutine/function
      CINFO = ''
C Create your formated message
      WRITE(CINFO, 1000) RPARM(1)
C Output it, you can replace 0 with the ID of your UAS
      CALL UAERR('M', 0, CINFO)
 1000 FORMAT('UAS PARAMETER 1 =',F7.4)

Yes, Fortran code can be strange for people used to the curly based languages like C or Java.

Created: Wed 12 August 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

Tags: PRO/II
Archives: 2009 / August
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