The worse code is your own old code

Are you ashamed by your old code? Me, I am!

This morning I was complaining heavily against a process simulation in PRO/II. The simulated process was running perfectly well, but when I included it into another simulation it broke the other simulation. I started to wonder what the hell the guy who created this simulation had done. Then after a while I found in the code:


Yes, me in May 2001. Oups! This reference simulation given by my customer last week was in fact a simulation I created 8 years ago.

I was brutally reminded that the worse code I ever read is my own old code. It is happening again and again, I read my code months or years after and I feel ashamed at how bad it is. This is good news, because it means I improve, but also bad news, many people in many organizations/projects are using my old code and as I always keep good contact with my customers, the probability that I will work on my old code in the future is scarily high!

This remind me that I need to refactor some parts of InDefero.

Created: Tue 29 September 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

Tags: PRO/II
Archives: 2009 / September
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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