Regular Growth of InDefero

InDefero is now a bit more than one year old as the project started in …

InDefero is now a bit more than one year old as the project started in July 2008. At start it was just a pet project, born out of the frustration from the GoogleCode hosting export functionalities (you cannot export your data once they are in, sorry). With the time, I started to use it not only for my open source projects but also for my own private projects, it was working great. Finally, this year I decided to offer free forge hosting to get more exposure for the project.

You can see on the graph that InDefero is enjoying a regular growth of the visitors. I like regular growth because it is easy to scale for it as you can reasonably well assess what will be the situation the following month.

InDefero regular growth of visitors

This is hard work, but at the end, it is also really rewarding when you get all the positive feedback and the great contributions.

The future for InDefero is controlled by the end users and what do they want?

  • more professional tools like time tracking and project planning (scrum);
  • better cross project collaboration within the forge;
  • and the little business friendly touches here and there.

Yes, this is now mostly companies who are using the software on a daily basis, so the future will be bright for them.

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