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This was a dream I had for a long time, but my free time and …

This was a dream I had for a long time, but my free time and my funding were not matching the requirements needed to accomplish it. Now, I have time, money and the right collaborators, so this is with a great pleasure that I am announcing ChemHQ.

The goal of ChemHQ is to become the Google of the chemical properties. What does it mean? It means you will be able to search through 100,000's of molecules by property, name, CAS number or any molecular descriptor.

For each molecule you will get a comprehensive list of properties, including predicted properties using the best QSAR models.

The ChemHQ portal (maybe the name will change) will be launched during Spring 2010 for a limited number of users and to a wider audience early Summer 2010. The pricing will break the bank, making high quality data finally accessible for research centers, students and small companies while being enough to keep the quality excellent.

If you are interested in beta testing the offer, just let me know.

Created: Fri 27 November 2009
Updated: Fri 27 November 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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