The InDefero community makes me smile every day

Every day of the week, I have my IRC client opened to help people getting …

Every day of the week, I have my IRC client opened to help people getting InDefero up and running. With my wife, I like to compare the InDefero IRC channel (#indefero on the freenode servers) with a coffee machine making really good coffee for free. You are not sure about the comparison? Try this experiment.

Bring a very good coffee machine to your office and start to make really good coffee for free. Take care to make it good for everybody, but also to have a special touch for the ones bringing good vibes. Do that for a while and take a look around you. People smiling, happy to be here and give a hand to clean the machine, people you like with whom you enjoy talking about way more than just coffee and work.

I try to nurture the InDefero IRC channel to keep it like this wonderful coffee machine. At the end, I really like the people there and this makes me happy to help even after a short night when I am normally too tired to do anything.

So, in no particular order and I am sure I will forget someone, thank you meister, piouPiouM, bathizte, bastnic, patrickg, CiaranG, obinou and xrogan, together with the 10/15 others "de passage" you are making my day, every day.

Created: Mon 09 November 2009
Updated: Mon 09 November 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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