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This year I was on time to push in the distribution system nearly 100 new …

This year I was on time to push in the distribution system nearly 100 new year cards for Céondo. This was a pleasure to write a small note for each and every person I sent one as I shared some good experience and/or good time with all of them.

The postal service is a bit like Internet, all interconnected and distributed all over the planet. Some conventions, like the way you write an address, and then, it goes. I can write a card for my Japanese friends without the need to worry about the company handling the letter at the end of the chain. Wonderful!

Now, this reminded me about a discussion I had with a professor at a Norwegian university some years ago. They planned at that time the building of one very big gas powered power plant. I told him that the future was distributed small energy production scattered all over the country, the same way Internet is working. It was in 2002 or 2003. At that time, his counter argument was that the efficiency of a big plant would always be better than the one of small sources.

Today I was happy to read that Lichtblick started to roll power stations at home for their customers. As an argument, they provide the argument I had but now, they also calculated that the total efficiency is at the end better. The future is here and the future is distributed.

Nearly 100 new year cards

Created: Tue 15 December 2009
Updated: Tue 15 December 2009
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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