New Website For Indefero

A great new design and the free plan is back!

After a bit of work, I am pretty pleased to announce the release of the new Indefero website. It keeps the feeling of the old website while being nicer to the eyes. It is inspired by the work of 37signals.

So, now the next step is the migration of everything on the new server infrastructure to let you enjoy more speed and data security. Hard but enjoyable work to come.

Update: Feedback I got within 5 minutes, in this order:

  1. My wife: "It is too dark".
  2. xrogaan on IRC: "Nothing has changed."
  3. meister on IRC: "Great!"

The comment of my wife, colors and taste... from xrogaan, this is a great comment, this means that I successfully updated the website while keeping its original style/look and feel and good that meister was here to put a bit of positive comment after 35h of work to get that design done.

Another late update: If your plan in your account area does not match with the reality, this is a bit normal, I need to do some cleaning and rebuild the plan for each forge together with the expiration date.

Created: Thu 28 January 2010
Updated: Sat 30 January 2010
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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