Nothing New Week 3

The third nothing new week to get everything in order.

The last "Nothing New Week aka. NNW " was more than 3 months ago, the state of my paper work and inboxes requires a new radical week. As usual this will include:

  • 0 emails in my inboxes (business, open source and personal);
  • all the paper work for Céondo.

The refocus of the last NNW was good. Indefero is growing nicely and now making money and the launch of Cheméo this weekend marks a good turn to keep providing high value, high quality services on the web.

Now, as I am on a good track with Cheméo, I want to push a bit more this week, here is what I will try to achieve:

  • first pre-release of Indefero 1.0;
  • update of my 10 year old microcms to have the foundations to get a blog for Cheméo and a better Pluf website.

We will see what I get done...

Created: Tue 06 April 2010
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

Tags: News
Archives: 2010 / April
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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