Nothing New Week 4

As last week was a great week for Cheméo, I need now to take care …

As last week was a great week for Cheméo, I need now to take care of a lot of things I left a bit behind when rushing to get everything ready for the annual meeting. The best thing to do is again a new NNW, so here it is, the Nothing New Week 4.

My goals are (and for once they are in the right order of priority):

  • clean my 10 cm high stack of papers in my physical inbox;
  • go through the 131 unread emails in inbox (and the other 400 read but not cleared);
  • get my accounting in order (I still have 20k€ of invoices to issue, so this is critical);
  • plan the work for the version 2 of Indefero which I want to go out by the end of August;
  • plan the work for Cheméo, especially how to manage feedback from the companies using it. As Indefero is a free software without intellectual property attached to it, the companies using it can without any problem post their needs on the open tracker. With Cheméo, this is not possible as some feedback needs to be handled in private or semi private way. I will need to figure out the right way to do that.

At the moment, I am still really impressed at the synergies I get from developing Cheméo and Indefero at the same time. I learn a lot with one project that I then apply to the other. In terms of quality, they are now definitely better than if I would have developed only one. But I must say, I do not think it is possible to go beyond two projects and I have no ideas if this can last. Anyway, if this cannot last, this would be the results of having many customers. With customers comes money to hire the right people too, so...


  • Cleaned my physical inbox.
  • Cleaned my professional email inbox.
  • Migrated my desktop + laptop to the latest Ubuntu (so ugly design but changing to the stock Gnome theme fixes it).
  • Had to do the daycare for my youngest son, the poor little one year old had during two days between 38.5⁰C and 39.6 and at the same time it was really hot here (nearly 30⁰C), this slowed down things.
  • got nearly all my invoices in order. This means the cash to run the company for another year without even invoice a single time, yeah! My minimal cash value is 6 months and I try to always be above 9 months.

Left to do:

  • Resetup of some of my development tools on my desktop and laptop.
  • Use more VMs to develop. They are cheap and cost nothing when not in use. This means I can easily use them for testing (way cheaper than EC2) and it will save me a lot of time when reinstalling my systems, as I will not touch them. I think I will move more and more my development tools in the cloud. When I am offline, I usually write my ideas down as I enjoy these distraction free moments.
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