2500 forges and a better way to develop Indefero

It may be obvious, but I have not developed Indefero the best possible way. That …

It may be obvious, but I have not developed Indefero the best possible way. That is, I forget to correctly tap into the vast amount of information I have from the hosted forges.

Up to now, I am collecting only a minimal amount of information from the hosted forges. These statistics are more business related, that is, I need them to correctly run the hosting. These includes when was a forge active the last time (for backup), the storage used (capacity and backup planning), etc. I do not really care much about the rest. The forges are your private area, I am not looking at them.

But how to improve the software without knowing correctly its usage? Yesterday, someone submitted some comments through the open survey and then, suddenly I had this bell ringing in my head:

My plans for Indefero 2 are good but they are not connected with the reality of the software usage, because I have no ideas about this usage.

Back to square one and this time I am not going to throw the dices without a clear goal. So, I am going to build a real well defined statistics collector to know a bit more how you use and what you use when working with Indefero.

Better knowledge of your Indefero usage will be good. I will be able to streamline the frequently used part and focus the development where it matters. So Indefero 2 will wait a bit and for a good reason this time.

Oh, by the way, we crossed the line of 2500 active forges, yeah!

Created: Tue 17 August 2010
Updated: Tue 17 August 2010
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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