Indefero Report - Thomas new admin and more goodies


here we go, my todo list manager tells me that I need to do …


here we go, my todo list manager tells me that I need to do my every 10 day report about Indefero.

General Project Changes

  • Thomas Keller (tommyd) is now part of the project admins. Thomas is very active in fixing issues, getting things in order, implementing stuff, I think this is the normal step to promote him as project admin. Thanks a lot Thomas for your work!
  • This is the first report, I will try to keep it running nicely.
  • develop and master branches. You will notice that since a couple of week, the work is done in the develop branch, with regular merges into the master branch. We now try to follow the workflow proposed by nvie1.

Indefero 1.x

You can see the milestone tag here with the issues left to fix before the 1.1 release (still a few more to mark) and the ones already fixed.

So, things are going ahead smoothly, maybe not as fast as expected, but ahead.

Indefero 2

For the moment, not a single line of code was written for Indefero 2 at the exception of the work on the Photon framework (next generation Pluf framework currently used by Indefero 1.x).

Céondo Ltd - Forge hosting farm and other stuff.

You know that Indefero is used to make money too. That is, not a lot, but it is growing nicely. In October I got 9 new customers and 6 in November. At the moment, the forge has 78 paying customers. This means that from an infrastructure point of view, it is making money.

I still need to finish some work for a company using Indefero, some nice addition to the git view of the source code. It has been long overdue, so, I need to move ahead with it. This is going to bring some money to sponsor some of the work for Indefero 2.

As a company, Céondo Ltd has at the moment a nice contract going through the paper work steps (legal dpt in big company) which is bringing 6 to 8 months of cashflow for 2 months of work (4h/day). And another one in the pipeline for April/May for normally the same kind of amount. So, basically, the company is secured until end of 2011. With the growth of Indefero and Cheméo, this also means that I am going to see a slow shift between consulting and product, with more product and less consulting. At the moment, product (Cheméo + Indefero) is less than 10% of the turnover. The goal is to achieve 50% of my turnover with my products by the end of 2011 (calculated on the 2010 turnover). Basically, getting around 3 to 4000€/month with the products. Indefero 2 is going to be critical in achieving this.

I hope these news are of interest for you, do not hesitate to tell me what you would like to read in the next report and I will try to satisfy you.

Created: Thu 25 November 2010
Updated: Thu 25 November 2010
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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