Indefero Report, Big Servers Coming For Testing

here we are, the nearly weekly report about Indefero's life. If you want your comments …

here we are, the nearly weekly report about Indefero's life. If you want your comments to be part of the next report, do not forget to send me an email before next Friday.

General Project Life

  • you may notice that William Martin is starting to be active in proposing ideas and patches. He is welcome and we all hope that his motivation will last and his contributions will go into the main line. He is interested in improving here and there the design for better usability.
  • I have not been active enough on the code, I have quite some commits to clean to push them in the develop line, but I have been procrastinating a bit too much this week. Maybe because of my work on the improved framework to power Indefero 2.
  • you may have noticed that I am better at answering the emails on the mailing list. I am improving. I really would like to be considered as a good community catalyst or care keeper by June 2011. So, if you want me to improve, just tell me what you think (more code and more commits are already on the list).

Indefero 2

The work on the Photon framework (next Pluf to power Indefero 2) is going ahead nicely. It is still a "closed" project as I do not want people to distract me too much. But if you are a hacker who can try to figure out things alone, then just drop me an email, I will give you access to the source code. At the moment, the code is clean, small and well structured. Basically I am putting all my knowledge of the past 10 years of web development into it. A small example, all the cookies are signed, that is, you can trust the value of the cookies you get from the clients as the unsigned or wrongly signed cookies are automatically discarded. Of course the cookies are automatically signed. That way, session data can use a cookie storage for zero database interaction.

The framework will stay very lean and will use a library of high quality components, the Particles. The goal is to get many frameworks to use the Particles. By doing a clear cut between the framework and the components (form validation, data storage, etc.) one can keep the framework as simple as possible and as fast as possible.

The domains to host these two projects are:

These domains are not yet active. I need to finish enough of Photon to get them up and running. Oh, and yes, it will be easy to install Indefero 2, very easy.

Another small thing, next week two new servers (12GB RAM, 1Gbps connection, 3TB storage, Intel Xeon i7 W3520) will be setup to test drive the new Indefero together with Photon and Particles (they have been ordered Thursday). And yes, I am also going to get some RIPE ips for the projects. Next year is going to mark the end of the available IPv4, so time to lock 8 or 16 to be sure I can keep the quality of service for another 2 years. I try to not waste public good (IPs are basically a public good now), at the moment I am using 9 IPs coming from my different providers (not counting the dynamic IPs), but some of the IPs could be saved as the new servers are coming with their own private LAN for inter server communication. This means that some of the IPs I am using for VMs doing "system work" could now run on the private LAN. This would reduce the number of public IPs.

So things are moving, maybe not as fast as I wish, but fast enough to have a lot of fun. I hope the next weekly report will have more details.

On more thing. The hosting of Indefero had a 99.95% uptime this month. The 0.05% downtime was due to my provider network, not the Indefero servers which have had a 100% uptime. This also means that for some locations in the world, you enjoyed a 100% uptime this month and 99.95% in the worst case.

Have a nice WE and happy hacking...

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