Indefero Report, the Year is Starting Very Nicely

Happy new year to all of us. This new year is starting very nicely. First …

Happy new year to all of us. This new year is starting very nicely. First, I think most of us had some good holidays, which is really good for our bodies and minds. Second, William (Delkia on IRC) is a new team member with a lot of nice ideas and good at coding, yeah! He has been fixing issues and adding new stuff at an insane rate. This means that at the moment we are three active developers on the code base. Also, the develop branch is merged into master at least weekly and pushed on the forge hosting farm, this allows us to quickly find the little corner case bugs and fix them very fast.

With 20 commits adding new stuff and fixing issues in this first week, this year starts very well!

So, as the master branch is nicely stable, even so we have quite some cleaning to do in the tracker, a 1.1 release will come soon. It is breaking my policy of not release with open bugs, but at the same time, it has been 8 months without an official release, way too long!

For the business side of the project, I am sorry the cost increased due to VAT increase for the EU users without a VAT number. Also, if your account was due to renewal, I have not yet implemented the code for the renewal handling. The first customer started in September or October 2009, so they have a free ride at the moment :D The stream of new customers is stable and slightly increasing, so, this is also good news for all of us. We will check what the renewal rate gives, I must say, I have strictly no ideas what it can/should/will be.

For Indefero 2.0, I have finally a robust test bed to perform some reliability and performance tests of MongoDB. I am using 2 servers (bare metal hardware nodes) with 4 VMs over a virtual LAN. I wanted the test to start this WE, so, this evening will be a long one. I am using OpenVZ for the virtualisation and this works very well. I am not too afraid by the performance as I am already using MongoDB for Cheméo, this is more the reliability of the replication which I want to test. Data loss is not a good thing.

Have a happy new year and keep having fun in what you are doing!

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