Busy in the Background

It may seems that we are relatively quiet at the moment and yes we are …

It may seems that we are relatively quiet at the moment and yes we are, in fact we are like little bees, working hard without making noise.

Maybe you are not aware, but the hosted Indefero offer is running a single Indefero installation for the 3000 forges we are hosting. What is happening is that when you request a page of a forge, the domain is matched against a list and automatically the configuration is set to use the right repositories, the right database, etc.

When the system was setup, it was following the: "Do the simplest thing which can possibly work." Nice, but now we are suffering the pain of growth as the simplest way to go was te build everything in a pretty monolithic system. Ouch.

So, we are hard at work on getting a new system setup to break everything in more manageable components. This is a long haul project, but this is needed to recover our agility in getting new versions online several times a day.

The idea is to do all the changes without changing anything, that is, everything will be done without changing the system for you, then once the migration to components will be completed, new features will be rolled in. Small incremental changes are better on the long run.

This year Fall and Winter are going to be very busy seasons.

Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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