Welcome Decane a New SSD Powered Database Server

The Decane is a simple molecule but also the name of our new database server …

The Decane is a simple molecule but also the name of our new database server. It is a 24GB RAM/240GB SSD server with a lot of power to provide blazing fast data processing. In the next few days it will go through the standard Ganeti setup and the Indefero PostgreSQL database will be migrated over. Depending of the performance, we may migrate more database VMs on it.

This is the first time I am putting a server with SSD drives in production. I have been an heavy user of SSD drives for my desktop/laptop systems in the past two years and I must say, I will never go back to traditional drives, but of course, the amount of data stored is not the same for desktop and for a server.

So, yes, performance increase of Indefero is on the way!

Update: Decane just joined the Ganeti cluster:

# gnt-node list
Node             DTotal  DFree MTotal MNode MFree Pinst Sinst
node1.ceondo.net   2.7T   2.2T  11.8G  4.0G  8.2G     4     0
node2.ceondo.net   2.7T   2.4T  11.8G  2.9G  9.2G     5     0
node3.ceondo.net 194.3G 194.3G  23.6G  147M 23.4G     0     0

Update 2011.11.09: Base backup of the postgresql database is on the way, this is a huge rsync job and this is of course slowing down the system. Please be patient... thank you.

Update 2011.11.09 20:00 UTC: Ok, the new server is now acting as a warm standby for the database, this will allow fast "failover" to the new database server after the testing period.

Update 2011.11.10 10:28 UTC: The main application server will be unavailable for a short amount of time the time to connect it to its virtual LAN to communicate directly with the warm standby over a private network. Done.

Update 2011.11.10 11:46 UTC: Now that the connection at the switch level is supporting the VLAN, it needs to be configured at the host and vm level. This will again trigger short downtime here and there.

Update 2011.11.10 12:50 UTC: Ok, now setting up a second warm standby which will take over the current one on the new SSD powered server once it will start to act as master. Done.

Update 2011.11.10 13:34 UTC: Ok, things are running as expected, around 21:00 UTC today, Indefero will be stopped for about 15 minutes, this will ensure that we have the warm standby with the latest version. The warm standby will be brought online as master and then the web app will connect to the new master on the new server. Immediately, I will start to populate the new warm standby. Basically a bit of cascading.

Update 2011.11.10 19:20 UTC: Too tired to do the cascading, it is never good to do so when not really fresh. I will perform it tomorrow, ok it will be during the day, but it will be only about 15 minutes of downtime. So expect a downtime of maximum 30 minutes between 09:00 and 12:00 UTC on November 11.

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