Property Plots on Cheméo

Quick visualization with plots of the temperature and pressure dependent properties.

As you can see on the attached screenshot the new Cheméo will include property plot of the temperature and pressure dependent properties.

What is really nice is that you also get the incertainty on the value on the plot. In this example, it is easy to spot that the ideal heat capacity of the Propanol was reliably measured.

Do not worry about the performance impact of such plots, they are precomputed to keep a very responsive website. If you are still wondering, the new Cheméo should be open for anonymous use within the next few days. At the moment, I am mostly cleaning the style and ensuring it looks nice. All the functionalities are implemented and the database is ready.

Created: Wed 18 February 2015
Updated: Wed 07 June 2023
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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Archives: 2015 / February
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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