Easter Holidays

Changed office hours for Easter.

Spring is here and Easter too. The office will be closed from the 7th to the 10th of April. It will also be exceptionally closed Monday the 13th of April.

From the 3rd to the 12th of April, we will not be available over the phone but per email and it will take up to 72h for you to get an answer to your non urgent questions. Urgent issues will be taken care of within 24h as usual.

Exceptionally, Monday, the 13th of April, nothing will be done. Ok, maybe we will be able to work, but on Monday our office is getting an upgrade of the phone and internet connection and I must say, I have no ideas if it will work or not! This is a partial upgrade before getting a 100Mbps connection later this year.

So, enjoy a nice Easter break and do not break everything will we sleep a bit.

Update 2015.04.03: Nothing left in my inbox! This is nice before a break. I will check my emails on a regular basis to avoid an overflow when coming back.

Update 2015.04.15: Finally back with an internet connection. If our connection with Telekom is changed from Universal ISDN to IP based and you get the following errors with your ADSL router (in my case a Fritz!Box 7270):

Anmeldung beim Internetanbieter ist fehlgeschlagen. 0001 STPR2AU
0000000000000 Zugriff verweigert.

But you have a stable DSL connection, just request the technical support to send you a complete new set of connection information (Zugangsdaten) per email. It will solve the problem immediately.

Created: Thu 02 April 2015
Updated: Wed 15 April 2015
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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