Upgrade of our Internet Link

Faster 100Mbps connection at the office.

Tomorrow the 4th of December, Telekom is supposed to switch us on the new 100Mbps connection powered with the so called vectoring technology. I am not sure how well the transition is going to work. In April we moved from a stable ISDN system to a full IP connection, so normally, it should be just a switch, restart the router and enjoy the new speed, but who knows?

In short: tomorrow, the 4th of December, we me have no reliable internet connection.

Update: From the 4th of December 13h45 to right now, the 7th of December 10h00, we had no internet connection and because the phone is now running over the internet connection, no phone. Nearly 3 days. Not good. We now have a 65Mbps downlink and a 35Mbps uplink.

Created: Thu 03 December 2015
Updated: Mon 07 December 2015
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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