Cheméo Studio Explore Molecules

Easy exploration of similar molecules.

The work on the desktop component of Cheméo, Cheméo Studio, is nicely going ahead. The robustness and ease of use is really one step ahead of what is available at the moment. Maybe because the motto of Cheméo Studio is: "Do one thing and do it well".

To illustrate how it works, here are two small videos:

The interface is simple and fast. It requires a bit of memory because of the drawing of the similar molecules are precomputed and the database has more than 20,000 molecules, but the speed is there. If you want to have an early access to the software, just drop me an email.

Update: You can now easily load a SMILES, here I copy/pasted the DDT SMILES from the PPDB databank. To load a SMILES, simply click on the File menu and select Load SMILES.

Load a SMILES in Cheméo Studio

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