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No travels until the 20 of April

Nothing particular with respect to the global situation. Effective today, I am not going to travel anywhere until middle of April. Next week will most likely see a drop in my efficiency which I expect to recover rapidly. This is because all the schools, all the external group activities are stopped. It is recommended for all the workers of BP refinery offices to work from home.

We will have to manage work and home schooling for the complete family for 5 weeks. At the european scale, this is turning into an interesting social experiment. I suppose we are going to have a lot of papers in psychology journals 6 months down the line...

Update 2020.03.21: After a week, the family ist still together and it went better than expected. Only two days (Monday and Friday) were below my work average. I am confident that with a bit more organisation and spreading my work also over the week-ends I will be able to keep the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank you, my customers, for the very nice words and your support during these difficult times. This pandemic is going to reshape our societies, can we take the opportunity to rethink our economy, the place of the environment, the single point of failure of our global supply chain with China and simply our relationship with our neighbours, the way we live together within a city? These are going to be interesting times.

Created: Sat 14 March 2020
Updated: Sat 21 March 2020
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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