Middle of the Year 2020

A strange beginning, but not that bad

After a bit more than three months under this strange situation, I can only say that I am lucky. The business is still running smoothly. I expect the turnover to be 10 to 15% below what was planned, but not because of lack of work. This will be mostly the effects of the thee months with home schooling and work from home. In such conditions, it is harder to work as well as usual, this reduced the number of hours I could achieved for my customers. The school is supposed to start again normally in August, but I prefer to plan with again, another 5 months with reduced productivity. We will see.

Now, during my usual look for interesting stuff in modelling, I found that ABB is using Modelica to perform the optimisation of distributed energy production. This is really interesting, they can control biogas based power production, including wind and solar energy. The grid is getting integrated to be more efficient. I wonder if they are going to coordinate with providers to link in the system all the home based solar production. Now that batteries are really cheap, it would be interesting to allow a quick release/store of about 1% of the capacity of the at home deployed batteries to support the stability of the grid.

Fluid Phase Equilibria, Chemical Properties & Databases
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