Cheméo November Updates

Highlights of the last weeks

Together with Marcus we improved quite a lot the website in the past month. I must say, we were also lucky to have some great feedback from you, end- users. This helped and helps us a lot! Thank you!

Here are the highlights:

  • again, on your profile page you can delete your account and we will forget everything we know about you. You will not receive any more news from us. We do not track you, we do not set any marketing cookies, etc. This is also why you do not see any "cookie banner" on the website.
  • we added more data! You have now vapor pressure data in the form of the Antoine and extended Antoine equations. These are coming from KDB and the Yaws Handbook of Vapor Pressure. You can see them if you scroll a bit on, for example, the Octane page (We still need to provide the data in the API, Excel and PDF export) Many thanks to Simon Müller, research associate at the Technological University of Hamburg for providing us with some data, helping us validate some other and providing a lot of feedback! If you need some help with equilibria of electrolyte solutions, I am sure he can help you.
  • you get mixture data as Excel export.
  • we improved a lot the navigation and look with a mobile device. The website is now "reactive". I do my research work on a desktop, but I am old, it looks like the new generation is using the website a lot with a mobile. This should make them happy.
  • we improved the property prediction tool on a slow connection. I am still not very happy with the weight of the molecular drawing tool, I hope to find a simpler one in the next months. Many thanks to Terry Yang, researcher at The Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan for helping us solving this issue.
  • [fix]: some edge case in the property prediction of molecules with triple bonds. The # was not correctly escaped by the backend and the molecule was "cut" before being sent to the calculation engine.
  • [fix]: some relationships errors in the database.

What do we have in the pipeline ?

  • more data, more data and more data.
  • the ability for you to store private data.

If you have any questions and remarks, they are welcome! If you like Cheméo, do not hesitate to recommend it to your colleagues, students, etc.

We really want to make a website helping and respecting you, if at any point something is annoying you, please let us know!

Created: Wed 30 November 2022
Updated: Thu 19 October 2023
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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