Cheméo April Updates

Highlights of the last weeks

We improved the API of Cheméo and added more data!

  • On the data side, we were able to add 200 new mixtures, with a lot of equilibrium data from about 500 mixtures. This was thanks to data collected and generously provided by Davi Girardi, M.Sc., research assistant at the Technical University of Hamburg.
    Davi is working on mixed-solvent electrolyte systems based on openCOSMO-RS.

  • On the API side, we added a new end point /api/v1/cid/{cid}. This allows you to directly retrieve the data of a given compound if you know its ID. This is now for example used by DWSIM to easily retrieve missing data for a simulation.

Again, we welcome your feedback and ideas to improve the database and help you do your data work. Just contact us! As a reminder, you can download the data as Excel, but you can also use the API to pull the data directly into your programs.

Created: Tue 02 May 2023
Updated: Thu 19 October 2023
By Loïc d'Anterroches.

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